Observation: Girdwood

Location: Penguin Ridge 2200 ft

Route & General Observations

Location:Penguin Ridge
Region: Girdwood
Date: Mar 11th, 2012
Observer:Public Observation
Description: Did a tour up Penguin Ridge from Fly Fishing Lane in Girdwood
yesterday. Ended
the ascent around around 2300, 500 ft above tree line as the crusty conditions
took the wind out of our sails. Dug a pit at our high point on an East facing
slope with at 31 degree angle with 290 cm snow depth.

The top 12 cm was very low density fist+ new snow with a grain size of 3mm+ on
top of a 3 cm ice crust knife hard ice crust with .5 mm grain size. Below the
ice crust at 15 cm were finger+ rounds that continue increasing in density to
finger- rounds at 70 cm where the is another knife hard ice crust with a
troubling very rotten layer 6-7 cm of facets immediately below (see picture
above). The CT test not surprisingly failed on this layer of facets at CT21 Q2.

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