Observation: Chugach State Park

Location: North side of Arctic Valley road, approx 0.5 mi below Arctic Valley Ski area lodge. 61.24353, 149.54423

Route & General Observations

Observed a 110ft wide zone of avalanche debris on the north side of the Arctic Valley road (pic). Length of avalanche runout estimated at 500ft. Did not examine start zone, but appears to be near rocky outcrops on the upper part of the slope (pic). Crown thickness unknown but avalanche broke to ground in several places. Snowpack in area estimated at 2-3ft deep. Avalanche ran through alder patch, picking up broken branches etc. Slope angle avg, 33deg, Toe of debris was approx. 20ft downslope of the road. El of toe = 2270ft. Slope aspect = 187deg (SW). Avalanche was reported to occur on the afternoon of 4/17. Debris was reported to have run across the Arctic Valley road, but had been removed by the time of this observation. WL-UR3-D2.5

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

None observed other than recent avalanche

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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On 4/17 the weather station at the Arctic Valley Ski area reported a low of 33deg. and high of 48deg with sunny skies and light winds.

Snow surface

Wet snow


Snow on the south facing slope where debris observed was going isothermal.

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