Avalanche: Hatcher Pass

Location: Mint trailhead

Route & General Observations

Observed heavy wind loading on all aspects from the north east. Up track east of mint trailhead took heavy loading. Wind slab ripped out 100ft wide 300ft in elevation on the up track. 2 person party started slab, had not ripped out when tour started but when they reached the second pitch up track it had let go. Skier triggered? Possibly, more likely from wind loading. Either way a teachable lesson… please switch over in a place far from avi debris in our current situation the last thing we need is AMRG getting called for a possible burial because 2 people are switching over in the bottom of an avi runout.

Avalanche Details
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Trigger UnknownRemote Trigger Unknown
Avalanche Type UnknownAspect South Southwest
Elevation 3000ftSlope Angle 30deg
Crown Depth 24inWidth 100ft
Vertical Run 300ft  
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