Observation: Summit

Location: Mills Creek

Route & General Observations

From lower Summit Lake to NW shoulder above Mills creek.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Clear, sunny, but not as warm as previous few days

Snow surface

Melt-freeze crust on most aspects, SE-W, even a little on NW.
Facets everywhere else.


Pulled out a layer of large intact buried surface hoar on a hand pit 30 cm down on a NW aspect at 2140'. Dug a pit about 2200', found that same BSH layer 40 cm down, one more BSH layer about 20 cm below that and a faceted layer another 10 cm below that. HS was 120cm.
Basal facets were visible but fairly well bonded. Got ECTN 40cm down on that first BSH layer. The entire column popped out pretty fast when I pried on the column to clean it up, so we did another test and got ECTX. However, the crystals were large and intact. We were also able to pry the second BSH layer out which stepped to the facet layer below. In the photo, both the top blue marker and the red marker are the BSH.

Photos & Video
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