Observation: Hatcher Pass

Location: Microdot Ridge

Route & General Observations

Toured toward Friendship Pass in the AM. Saw debris from two avalanches, 1) SS-N-R2D2-I, SW aspect of the pass, since debris was somewhat filled back in with wind transported snow, I’m guessing it was from the wind events last week. Several small crowns visible above, but none that appeared to be large enough to produce the debris pile. 2) SS-N-R1D1.5-I, East aspect of the pass, no obvious crown. Skied some nice powder below Gold Cord, then headed over to Microdot for a short run down to the car. Dug a full profile on the south aspect of Microdot (see attached).

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Rapid loading: Winds picked up around 1:00 PM from the East, and somehow found snow to transport. Pluming observed on ridges, and blowing snow. Tracks were filled back in by 2:00 PM.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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9:00 AM, 3000', Independence Mine Lot: Wind light from the North, few clouds. Temps in the low 30's.
12:00 PM, 4000', Gold Cord Mine: Wind light from the South-East, few clouds. Temps in the low 30's.
2:00 PM, 3500', Microdot Ridge: Wind moderate from the East, broken clouds. Temps in the low 30's.

Snow surface

Still extremely variable, but surface snow rapidly faceting under clear skies, much softer than yesterday (2/27).


See attached profile.

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