Observation: Hatcher Pass

Location: Microdot lower bowl

Route & General Observations

From 10:00-2:00 2/2/20
Overcast sky, light winds from the south
We decided not to go far due to flat light
Dug on multiple aspects to see how reactive the 10cm pencil hard wind slab was. Found very easy to easy results in facets 2mm under wind slab. ECTX. PST 61/100 arr.
crappy skiing

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Forecaster Comments

In speaking with the observer we learned that the ECTX result was conducted on the snowpack bellow the wind slab (removed the wind slab from the test). This is consistent with our findings where there is a general lack of propagation potential within the mid to deep snowpack. This is also consistent with this observer’s PST results.

They did test the wind slab component of the snowpack specifically with CTV results, explaining the easy to very easy results stated in the observation. This is mostly consistent with what we have found recently, where stiffer wind slabs sitting on weak facets near the surface of the snowpack are failing either stubbornly or easily depending on location.