Observation: Hatcher Pass

Location: Microdot

Route & General Observations

Drove up for a short tour to see what the winds and the increase of temperatures have done to the snowpack. Flat light conditions made navigation difficult with the thin coverage.

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Observer Comments

Active wind loading could be seen on Hatch and Marmot.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Lots signs of wind transport at mid and upper elevations. Lots of exposed gullies and cross loading could be seen.
Independence mine parking lot @9:30 SE winds light to moderate, 32°F, S-1 Rimed particles

Snow surface

Rimed particles and wind effected snow made for pleasant skinning conditions. Some 4F wind slabs could be felt on leeward features.


The snowpack in this location had poor structure, poor strength, and moderate propagation propensity(see photo below). Facets at the ground continue to be reactive in tests, and have become moist. Some failure in the upper snowpack occurred in density changes, due to recent snowfall and winds.
3500' NW 28°
HS 104cm
ECTP26 @ ground failed on moist facets
PST 25/100 END below MF crust

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