Observation: Summit

Location: Manitoba

Route & General Observations

Anchorage Nordic Ski Patrol / NSAA Manitoba Cabin Overnight Day 3: Followed the road from Manitoba Cabin past the standard uptrack and around to S facing slopes to see differences from W faces at higher elevations yesterday. Lower elevation crust was more stout than the day before (3/12) and *almost* unbreakable in some areas. Nice soft snow down to ~2200-2300 with increasing crust thickness and firmness on the descent. Breakable but skiable back to the road @ 1600′. Firm and speedy luge run with good runaway truck ramps at several corners on the road back to the cabin.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Winds were light from the N at lower elevations, and increasing at/above 2400' Clear skies overnight and midday sun and scattered clouds gave way to overcast skies and light snow (S1) by 1400. Air temp at Manitoba cabin reached about 34 degrees F; recorded 31.5 degrees F at pit at 1440.

Snow surface

Smooth 4cm melt-freeze crust dissipating around 2300'-2500' depending on aspect.


Quick Test pit for an ECT at on a south aspect 24 degree slope at 2010'. HS = 169cm. While excavating a column to prepare for the ECT, the crust failed on isolation. This was consistent with what we felt underfoot in the nearby area while setting a skin track. ECTX... and the column was difficult to even pry loose. Rough layers in the top meter: K (MFC), F, 4F, 1F, P, K (NYE C?), 1F->4F, F (6cm facets). See photo. Ski Pen 4cm, Boot Pen 12cm

Photos & Video
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