Observation: Summit

Location: Manitoba

Route & General Observations

Typical route. Just enough snow to skin the mining road. Rain crust under 10-15 cm new snow below about 2800 ft. Glide avalanches were abundant on steep terrain throughout the Summit area on all aspects, but no signs of them on the W face of Manitoba that people usually ski.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Around 25° F, calm wind, overcast.

Snow surface

New snow over crust up to 2800 ft then new snow over settled powder


Dug 3 pits:

@2300 ft, SW aspect, HS 100cm:
Snow was quite saturated w moisture below upper crust layer.
SST - hard effort at 56cm, an old crust layer, pre halloween storm
CT14 at 56 cm RP

#1 @3300ft W aspect HS 180:
Very right-side up snowpack - only dug pits down 100cm, various layers throughout the upper snowpack sheared when pulled on from behind with easy/moderate force but were not reactive in CT/ECT tests.
SST easy/moderate force at 160cm - didn’t have hand lens but looked like perhaps some small buried surface hoar
CT14 at 170cm SP - new snow

Pit # 2: HS 190cm
CT3 at 180cm (new snow)

Photos & Video
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