Observation: Turnagain

Location: Magnum NW shoulder and W face

Route & General Observations

Clear and cold Thursday with light easterly wind. East wind was picking up by the
afternoon. Temps were -10F in the parking lots and warming to low teens at 3000′.

The snow is so weak it is becoming more and more unsupportable and hitting rocks
is much easier. A thin wind skin sits on the near surface facets making up the top
layer in the pack. Things could really get interesting with our next storm.

No collapsing, cracking, windloading, or any red flags seen today.

Dug a few hasty pits to look at how the older wind slabs, that were still reactive
a week ago, were behaving. Results: ECTN 23-30+(boot) 14-16″ down in Oct facets.
See photo below. These old slabs are losing strength, hard to collapse and they
did not propagate in our tests. Mostly LOW danger where we traveled today.