Observation: Girdwood

Location: Lower Lookers Right on Ragged Top Facing Crow Cree

Route & General Observations

Well, I’ll jump on the glide release train…that nice sized one on Ragged Top
(lookers right lower above one of the paths that drains to Crow Creek Road)
popped about 4pm yesterday (Thursday) afternoon. Seems to be on par with all
the other great glide pics and obs you have going right now.

As usual this time of year, we spend time bemusing glide releases. This
morning as I drink my coffee and check in on the obs, I noticed the photo
caption talking about a glide crack ‘beginning to buckle and “close” to
releasing’. If only we could figure out how “close” it is in terms of time.
Any ‘a-ha’ moments you all are seeing with timing of these? I wish I could
offer some concrete insight in return.

Excellent job this year. Hats off to you all. Looking forward to ISSW.

All the best,

Andy Dietrick