Observation: Summit

Location: Little Japan

Route & General Observations

Started from the pullout across from Tenderfoot at 3:00, skinned up to the powerline (Summit Lake substation), and followed the skin track over to Little Japan. Alders are definitely covered! Overcast with patches of blue sky and sun peeking through, lightly snowing, light breeze. About 18 inches of ski penetration off the skin track – dog was swimming! A couple of whumpfs in the alders and when stepping off the skin track. Some little rollerballs in open areas. Above 2,000 ft started to get pretty windy and noted additional wind effect above us so decided to turn around there. Probed at 140 cm deep with a stiff layer at 55 cm down and 90 cm down. Ski down was dreamy, almost too deep to turn. By the time we got back to the powerline, skies had cleared. Back at the car at 6:00.

Photos & Video
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