Observation: Turnagain

Location: Lipps, Petes North

Route & General Observations

Zipper rain crust up to 2100′. Drainage runnels starting to form down at 1000′.
Saturated snow was producing large rollerballs in lower elevations, but at Lipps
and Petes it wasn’t quite wet enough to produce actual wet slides.

Saturday’s windslabs are starting to bond to the soft snow underneath. We
observed moderate hand shears and easy compression failures on Q2-3 surfaces at
several sites ~2200 on N, NW, and SW aspects. The slabs varied from 15-60 cm in
thickness, generally 1F hardness. Small steep rollovers were not reactive to ski
cuts today, however kick turn corners were still breaking off at many sites
above 1800′.

In the afternoon we had some views up to the ridgelines where we could see many
size 2ish slab avalanches from this past weekend. Most of these were on classic
lee or cross loaded slopes. The largest one was a 2+ across the valley on
sunnyside, SE aspect, in a cross loaded gulley. Start zone ~2,200′, debris made
it to the valley floor below 800′.