Avalanche: Hatcher Pass

Location: Independence Bowl

Route & General Observations

Toured around in Independene Bowl to examine the snowpack.


Avalanche Details
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Trigger CorniceRemote Trigger Unknown
Avalanche Type Dry Loose SnowAspect North
ElevationunknownSlope Angleunknown
Crown DepthunknownWidthunknown
Vertical Rununknown  
Avalanche Details

Observed a recent avalanche in Rae Wallace that obliterated the uptrack. It was most likely a small cornice fall that triggered a dry loose avalanche.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Light draining wind in morning and late afternoon made the parking lot a very cold place. Cold air temps all day, but the sun warmed the snowpack today, producing Radiation recrystallization and/or some gentle melting in a few isolated spots.

Snow surface

New snow that is starting to form near surface facets. On steep S-SE facing gully face found a small area of Radiation Recrystallization. The thin crust that had formed 1" under the snow surface failed easily on hand shears.


Snowpit(s) on S-SE aspect 3300' elevation, in a gully. HS=95 cm. In 1 out of 5 snowpits got ECTP 25, 45 cm down. All other pits got ECTX.
Other test results from one of the pits were CT 15 RP, and CT 24 RP, in Basal facets 85 cm down. Two Propagation Saw Tests on the same layer both produced PST 45/100End.

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