Observation: Hatcher Pass

Location: Independence Bowl, Hatch Peak

Route & General Observations

Alaska Guide Collective Rec 2 had two groups, one touring up $1k ridge to 4250′ and one up the valley between Marmot and Microdot.
M&M valley group had average HS of 130cms. One whumpf on the tour. They dug 5 pits at 3600′, ECTP20 down 50cm in facets, on the same layer PST 35/100 End.
$1k ridge group had average HS of 120cm. Multiple whumpfs between 3400′ and 4100′. They dug 6 pits at 3500′ and had ECT propagation below the new windslab, above the upper raincrust, and at the top of a ~10cm fist hard facet layer down 80cm. Facet layer down 80 cm also had PST 40/100 End result with block popping off the column.
Snow began by 10:30 am and increased throughout the day, winds increasing to light by afternoon out of the SE or somewhere in that general direction. Inside of a ping pong ball visibility.