Observation: Other Regions

Location: Harp Mountain, South Fork, Eagle River

Route & General Observations

Date: 20111231
Time: 1230 hrs
Observer: M. Johnson

Site Characteristics:
Observation Location: Harp Mountain, South Fork, Eagle River – climbed the South ridge.
Aspect: W – NW
Elevation: ~4000′
Slope Angle: various
Sky Conditions: Obscured
Air Temp: -6.4F (at 0845)
Precip Type and Rate: S-1
Wind: Light; out of the NW
Pen(ski): 12cm

Snowpack Properties: I did some small hand shear tests isolated a block of snow using my ski on the
skin track. There were no obvious surface instabilities. The recent storm snow appeared to be bonding
well. I did not dig a pit. The storm snow from 12/23 appeared to have been transported during a
moderate wind event on 12/26. One gully at approximately MP 7.5 known locally as “Leighow” and
“Moon” (just above the gravel pit) ran almost to the road. I expect this ran with the wind loading on
12/26. I observed some debris on the west face of Harp below the ridge, but it was covered by the
recent week of snow.

Avalanche Potential:
Snow Stability:
Forecast: None.
Observed: Low, pockets of Moderate (shallow zones with weak faceted snow; stubborn wind slabs at
higher elevation). My confidence is fair due to limited obs due to poor visibility, cold temps, and the
lack of snow pit and instability analysis.