Observation: Chugach State Park

Location: Glen Alps, Chugach Front Range

Route & General Observations

Left GA parking lot at 12 noon; idea being to investigate effects of high winds and warm temps on the Chugach snowpack during this past week. Did quick pit in sheltered area near Snowboarder Hill. Then skied along the north side of Blueberry Knoll to the entrance to the wind tunnel. Did pit just north of the Wind Tunnel, then climbed to the Blueberry Knoll ridgetop and followed it northwest and back to the PL. Saw no evidence of recent avalanches in my field of view.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

None observed

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Bluebird skies at the start followed by some clouds later in the afternoon. Windy most of the time coming out of the N. with speeds of 10-15mph on ridgetops. Observed snow plumes (pic) coming off Flattop. At 2pm temp 16deg.

Snow surface

Snow surface variable, ranging from wind-transported F snow in protected areas to wind board rock hard (sastrugi) in exposed areas (pic).


In meadows area at 2254ft HS = 77cm. Quick pit showed F wind transported broken particles overlying several MF crusts interspersed with layers of rounding Facets of various density. STC@31cm down, CT23@31cm down.
Did a complete pit at 2454ft on N. aspect of Blueberry Knoll and just N. of the wind tunnel (profile attached).
HS = 94cm. Got CT22Q2 at 24cm down. Collapse on facets overlying MF crust. Got ECTN25 on same layer.

Ski cutting on rollovers produced a few small thin pizza box breaks.

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