Observation: Chugach State Park

Location: Glen Alps - Blueberry Knoll, Chugach Front Range

Route & General Observations

Left Glen Alps PL at at 1330 and toured up the NW aspect of Blueberry Knoll to the ridgetop. Did not observe any signs of recent avalanches in the Powerline Proper or on Flattop other than the small human-triggered slide on Boy Scout (Snowboarder) Hill that occurred during high winds and new snow transport on 1/29/23. See observation by anonymous for that day titled “Boy Scout Bowl” describing that event. People were skiing the steepest sections of that hill today apparently without incident.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Observed no signs of recent instability other than small slide reported by another party as observation "Boy Scout Bowl"on 1/29/23.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Weather was mostly cloudy with the sun occasionally peeking out. Winds were calm with pleasant temps. At 1400 the Glen Alps weather station reported 32deg.

Snow surface

In meadows area found a 90cm snowpack in protected areas. Approximately 5cm combo of new and wind transported snow at surface resulting from storm event of 1/29/23. underlain by interlayered rounds and facets. In some small protected areas observed a saran wrap-thin ice glaze "firnspiegel" on the snow surface. As usual the ridgetop was stripped of any new snow by high winds that came with the storm event on 1/29 (pic).


Got negative results from ski cut tests of snow pillows and wind slab at 2500ft on the NW or depositional aspect of Blueberry Knoll.
Did quick pit in same area. HS81cm, SA20deg, Aspect290deg. 81-75cm, Pwind slab; 75-55cm1F rounds, 55-47 1Fcoarse damp? rounds; 47-40Frounding facts; 40-groundProunding facets.
CT16@61cmdownQ3 collapse on facets, ECTX@30. Some alder twigs in pit bottom may have affected the ECT results.

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