Observation: Chugach State Park

Location: Glen Alps - Blueberry Knoll, Chugach Front Range

Route & General Observations

Left Glen Alps PL at 1330 and toured SE to the mdws area. Hard going with all the new snow. Skied up the NE aspect and around to the NW end of blueberry knoll. Had to push myself along to get back down the mountain. Was a too-much snow day.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Had no shooting cracks or whumphing during tour. Saw no indications of recent avalanches either on N. side of Flattop (pic) or the S. Gully- O'Malley Pk area. However recent N. winds were forming cornices on the SW aspects of the ridgeline in the Little O'Malley Pk area.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Bluebird day but with 10-15mphG20 winds ranging from 342 to due N. Considerable wind transport of snow at higher elevations.

Snow surface

partly decomposed loose surface snow in lower elevations. Winds causing abundant snow transport in high elevations especially on N. aspects resulting in wind slabs and "mega sastrugi" near ridge tops (pic).


Did quick pit at 2317ft on NE aspect of Blueberry knoll. HS =87cm. Got CT13@32cm downQ3. ECTX. The wind was transporting snow into the pit as I dug. However no slab was forming yet at this site. Didn't get there but would be concerned about stability on the S. aspect of Blue berry knoll where all that transported snow is being deposited.

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