Observation: Summit

Location: Gilpatricks

Route & General Observations

Skinned up from small pullout on W side of road w/ USFS gate. Didn’t dig a pit but tried to trigger a test slope with no results around 2,100 ft. At that elevation, a crust was buried about 1-foot deep topped with soft unconsolidated snow that seemed to be adhering poorly to the crust. Around 2,500 ft, some wind slabs were present, but no whumphs or cracks.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Clear, 7º, and calm wind

Snow surface

Mostly settled powder over 12/1 crust with some wind slabs.

Light surface hoar was present up to at least 2700 ft.


ENE aspect, slope between 28-35

Test slope - no signs of instability

Hand pit - poor adhesion of soft surface snow to crust, no shearing.

Some wind slabs above 2400 ft

Photos & Video
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