Observation: Summit

Location: General Observation - Summit Lake Kenai

Route & General Observations

Summit today had colder temperatures and light snow. No new avalanches observed today. Last avalanche activity estimated to be 2/4-2/5 with rapid warm up on East and south faces of Fresno and Gilpatrick near Devils Pass near or around steep rocky terrain.
Conditions were observed with obscured view from clouds and snow.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Light snow...calm winds.
Summit Lake (Valley Bottom):Current Temperature 18F Past 24 17-20F.
Summit Lake (3800' Ridge top): Current Temperature 8F Past 24 8-18F
Wind NW 1-7 Gust to 10mph

Snow surface

Two inches of snow fell as of Noon time. The new snow fell without a lot of wind and buried the Surface Hoar. Surface hoar layer was 2-3cm thick at valley bottom still intact. This sits on a thin crust. Future layer to track.

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