Observation: Other Regions

Location: Falls Creek

Route & General Observations

Three layers of buried surface hoar found up Falls Creek at about 2600′ north
aspect. The first layer ~25cm deep failed consistently with CTMQ2x2 and ECTP29
results. The next layer down, ~35-40cm deep, failed consistently with CTHQ2x3
results but no results within the parameters of the standardized ECT. However,
with a couple harder 30+ hits it propagated fully. The deepest layer of BSH,
~50-55cm deep, failed with consistent CTHQ2x3 results but nothing within ECT
test parameters. It fractured during the ECT with 30+ hits but no propagation.
The slope angle was 30 degrees on a 348 degree aspect. The height of snow in
this area is uncertain but is definitely 400+cm as the pit was ~150cm deep and
the 250cm probe wouldn’t hit ground sticking it in as deep as possible from the
bottom of the pit.

Ski conditions up high ranged from dust on supportable, chattery crust to dust
on breakable crust. Down lower the snow was quite rotten and the exit required
extensive alder bashing.

There was a lot of WL-N-D1 activity on all aspects except for the northernmost 90 degrees of the compass. There were a couple SW slides that were D2. All of these appeared to be starting small as point releases from warming rock but entraining a lot of snow on the way down. Some SW aspect slides starting way up high in a couple of the most prominent gullies almost reached the trail near Falls Creek.