Observation: Turnagain

Location: Eddies

Route & General Observations

Standard uptrack


Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Winds: Calm
Temps: Teens °F
Skies: Scattered to broken with valley fog from ~noon to 2p.

Snow surface

1-2" of new low density snow over 12-18" of consolidating storm snow from 2/12.



Testpit #1 (within a small tree island somewhat protected from north winds)
Northeast aspect
Ski/Boot Pen.: 20cm/50cm
We conducted 2 ECT's at this location:
ECTP15RP ↓35cm on 0.5mm decomposing precip particles/near surface facets
ECTP16RP, ECTP19RP ↓40cm on 0.5mm decomposing precip particles/near surface facets
ECTP23SP ↓92cm on 2-3mm facets below NYE crust

Testpit #2 (above treeline and exposed to north winds)
North aspect
Ski/Boot Pen.: 20cm/50cm
HS 215cm
ECTP13RP ↓30cm on 0.5mm facet layer
ECTP25RP ↓50cm on 0.5mm facet layer
We didn't find the NYE crust in this location

Photos & Video
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