Observation: Turnagain

Location: Eddies

Route & General Observations

Route: Eddies to 2500’ on the low angle ridge.

Red Flags: Below alderline, new snow would occasionally crack – less than a few feet – when hand pits were dug or ski penetration would leave the new snow unsupported on a slope. (Above alder line, the new snow/old snow interface wasn’t always clear in hand pits, and hasty results were unremarkable.)

Weather: calm, temps in the teens, overcast skies and light snow transitioning to broken sky by early afternoon.

Snow Surface: 10” of new snow – super floofy! – at all elevations.

Snowpack: See full profile below, dug at a slightly wind scoured/affected location just north of ridgeline. It appeared that some tracks were present in the top half of the pit – test results were inconsistent in the 3 compression tests performed – maybe due to the old tracks? – and the crust/facet structure in the bottom half of the pit varied even in just the length of the pit wall as well.

Photos & Video
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