Observation: Turnagain

Location: Eddie's

Route & General Observations

Toured standard Eddie’s uptrack through trees. Dug two test pits between parties, results below.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Sky: Broken to overcast (10am-4pm)
Winds: Calm in AM, light gusting moderate by 2PM, varied from South to East
Wind transport observed off Eddie’s summit ridge all day, as early as 11:30am.
No sign of wind overnight below treeline.

Snow surface

Generally, soft snow. Yesterday’s tracks filled in with about 5-10cm new snow.
400’: 40cm soft snow
1100’: 50cm soft snow, with patches of knife hard ice in places
1600’: 50cm soft snow over a thick melt freeze crust
2000-2200’: see pit #2 for general structure - probing generally revealed 50-60cm of soft snow over a crust and HS 120-160, with outliers of HS 40-200+ depending on wind affect at top of treeline.
2300’: see pit #1 for general structure
2400’: generally, 20-30cm soft snow over crust with variations from wind scoured areas with HS <20 to wind loaded areas with HS 200+


Pit #1: 2300’, NW aspect, 30 degree slope, HS= 300, test depth 145
CT5 Q2 @15cm
CT10 Q2 @30cm
CT25 Q1 @55cm on visible BSH
CT28 Q2 @70cm

ECTN24 @55cm on visible BSH

Pit #2: 2000’, N aspect, 20 degree slope, HS=120 (See picture below for structure)
CT 22, 23 SP, ECTN 28, PST 35/100 END - down 45cm on the visible buried surface hoar layer

CT 4 PC, ECTN 8 - down 20cm at a slight density change

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