Observation: Turnagain

Location: Eddies

Route & General Observations

Lower Eddies Lot to 2200′ for two laps, via the usual NW aspect up-track.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments


Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Overcast or obscure skies with occasional sunny breaks and valley fog. Temperature in the 20s, calm, occasional light snow with no measurable accumulation throughout the day.

Snow surface

At 1000' - 23cm of fist hard new snow over two thin melt freeze crusts, then moist snow/additional crusts to the ground. Height of snow (HS) = 80 cm. Ski Penetration (PS) = 20 cm

At 1500' - 65cm of fist/4 finger hard new snow & buried near surface facets. This sat on the very stout Thanksgiving crust. The thin crusts observed at 1000' dissipated by this elevation. PS = 35cm

At 2000' in a sheltered location - 90cm of fist to four finger hard new snow & recently buried near surface facets over the stout Thanksgiving crust. PS = 35cm

In non-sheltered locations above treeline, HS varied from 20cm to 240 cm from previous wind transport, with 20cm - 110cm of soft surface snow depending on aspect.

A thin windslab was present in an isolated location on a more westerly aspect at the top of our route, but it didn't crack or collapse under skier weight.


Pit Result: (See photo below)
NW Aspect, 2200', 20 degree slope in a slightly wind scoured location. HS = 130cm, Foot Penetration (PF) = 42cm

Surface to 50cm: Fist to Four Finger+ hardness decomposing new snow
50cm to 60cm: Fist hard recently buried near surface facets
60cm to 120cm: Pencil Hard Thanksgiving Melt Freeze Crust over Pencil Hard Rounds
120cm to 130cm: Fist hard facets

ECTX with a test depth of 60cm (to the top of the very stout Thanksgiving layer!)