Observation: Turnagain

Location: Eddies

Route & General Observations

Below is the graph of a pit which was dug on the SW shoulder of Eddies, just below the summit. This was
dug in a previously wind loaded chute with a deeper snowpack than seen in other spots on the mountain.
The bottom layer shows knife hardness old snow from early season events in September with 20cm of old
rotten 2mm facets on top of that. Above the facets, a large area of faceting rounds are seen which, with
the observed steep temperature gradient, will continue to grow into larger facets.

Two ECTs were performed with both propagating at 17 and 23 taps collapsing on top of the facets.
Shears were clean and would’ve slid into the pit if the slope was steeper.

The avalanche threat is definitely there in upper elevation spots with a decent slab above the facets, most
likely seen in previous wind loaded spots. The slab size should begin to decrease as the facets creep their
way up the snowpack under the forecasted cold clear weather for the next couple of weeks.

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