Avalanche: Turnagain

Location: Eddies

Route & General Observations

3 laps of Eddies between 2,100′ and 1,000′.
-Snowplow pulled over and cleared the lot when he saw us shoveling our own parking spaces out. Thanks Bud!! Parking lot had inches of standing water under the snow, most of which froze during the day.
– Rain/Snow transition line at about 800′ (parking lot at 400′). New snow depth and quality rose very quickly after 800′ elevation.
– No wind effect evident from about 1,000′ to 1,600′ on NW aspects.
– Ski penetration on windward aspects was a few inches, on leeward aspects ski penetration was boot top to knee deep.

Avalanche Details
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Trigger UnknownRemote Trigger Unknown
Avalanche Type Soft SlabAspect West
Elevation 1700ftSlope Angleunknown
Crown DepthunknownWidthunknown
Vertical Rununknown  
Avalanche Details

We could see three crowns on the furthest south-west ridge of Wolverine, at roughly 1,700'. See pics. Not sure of crown depth, guessing 1-2ft.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Clear and calm, temps below freezing once above the hemlock forest.

Snow surface

powder once above about 1,000' elevation


We dug a pit at elevation 1,310’ , above the alder line, just below the glade. Slope angle 32 degrees, NW Aspect.
Height of Snow in the pit area measured 235-260cm
Pit depth 160cm
100 cm of new snow
10 cm of fist hard density snow on top, then 90 cm of 4 finger density. New storm snow was very uniform.
We could not find a density difference between Dec 19th snow and Dec 21/22 snow.
CT15 and CT24 (collapses) 40 cm below the new storm snow interface just below a crust (115cm up from ground, or 140cm down from surface) . This very deep result surprised us, so we did an ECT just to see if the layer would react more. It did not.
ECTN 30+ with heel kick at the same layer 40cm below new snow interface.
Additional shovel pry tests did not get any reactions in the storm snow interface or within the new storm snow.

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