Observation: Turnagain

Location: Eddie's

Route & General Observations

Route: Travel on Eddies Peak via Iditarod Trail; skiers right to roughly
treeline. At approximately 2200′ elevation on a North/Northwest aspect the
following observations were made.

Weather: Light snowfall; obscured changing to overcast clouds; 19.8 degrees
Fahrenheit; Light to no winds around 0.7 mph; no blowing snow was observed

Instability: Large Whoomph occurred while all 5 in party were waiting to
descend, ski tails were pressed onto snowpack; Small Whoomph occurred while
snowboarder descended (No Cracking) -Buried Facets are the suspect for that
instability. Sluffing on steeper slopes greater than 35 degrees on south facing
Shark fin, small point releases. Skier triggered sluffing also noticed on

Surface Conditions: +14-16 inches of new light snow, little to no wind

Snowpack Observations: 178 cm depth on 20 & 25 degree slopes; ski penetration
into new snow was +12″ Four snow profile test plus pits were dug with following
CT27SP/RP Q2 -propagating 13cm above old rain crust on buried surface hoar layer
(facets 2 cm thick above crust)
ECT18SP/RP Q2 down 70cm
CT13RP down 70 cm
ECT21RP down 70 cm
ECT18 SP or RP @ surface hoar 15 cm above old rain crust
CT 8 (down 20cm) CT 15 (down 30cm) CT20 (down 50cm)