Observation: Chugach State Park

Location: Eagle River -Southfork North Bowl

Route & General Observations

Southfork trail to Hunter Pass trail.
Hard wind blown snow conditions on the approach. Good skin track from the pass to the north bowl ridge. The cornice on north bowl is growing.
Snow conditions in north bowl:
~2 inch breakable crust at the top which made for ok ski conditions.
Dug 1 pit at ~1180m just below the ridge, away from the cornice.
HS: range was ~ 165 to 180cm
Pit depth: 165cm
165cm to 140cm pencil hard
140cm to 20cm 1 finger hard
20cm to 5cm 4 finger hard
Top 5cm breakable crust
Performed ECT:
results were ECTX. Was able to pry off top 20 cm with shovel after ECT with moderate to difficult effort. The broken surface was mostly non planar.
Also performed a Rutschblock Test. The result was RB6 (3 jumps to mid block) at ~20 cm down . The broken surface was similar to the shovel sheared surface – mostly non planar.

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