Observation: Girdwood

Location: Crow Pass

Route & General Observations

Took the lower summer trail on the way in due to the sun hitting the peaks above the summer high trail. We noticed newer debris piles hit the upper Crow Pass summer trail, probably from Saturday.

Red Flags
Red flags are simple visual clues that are a sign of potential avalanche danger. Please record any sign of red flags below.
Obvious signs of instability
Recent Avalanches?Yes
Collapsing (Whumphing)?No
Cracking (Shooting cracks)?No
Observer Comments

Watched point releases off the rocks as the afternoon sun broke through the clouds.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
Please provide details to help us determine the weather and snowpack during the time this observation took place.

Warm. Low 40s. Sun on the approach until we branched off towards jewel. Pea soup clouds on jewel gave way to broken clouds and some sun.

Snow surface

Variable. Punchy, wet, wind affect, thin melt freeze crust in the lower moraine. Shark infested waters.


No formal tests were done

Photos & Video
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