Observation: Hatcher Pass

Location: Craigie Creek

Route & General Observations

Flat tour on Willow side of Pass from 2700′ to 3300′, almost to Dog Sled Pass. No other ski or snowmachine tracks seen all day, there has been minimal traffic on the west wide. Slopes looked very wind scoured, but valley base had a deep snow pack, covering almost all alder. Variability in snowpack was amazing! From stiff wind board (no ski penetration), to a several inches of soft wind drift on crunchy crusts, to bottomless loose facets (ski penetration = whole leg)…..all within a few steps. The base of the snowpack definitely seemed loose and rotten, but was often inaccessible due to fully supportable wind slabs or crusts. Every few steps was a new snowpack.

Photos & Video
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