Observation: Turnagain

Location: Cornbiscuit, South Face

Route & General Observations

Site Characteristics:
Observation Location: Cornbiscuit
Aspect: S-SW
Elevation: 3500′
Slope Angle: 36*
Current Wx:
Sky Conditions: Clear
Air Temp: 6.4*F (Sunburst); -1.3*F (Center Ridge) at 0827 hrs.
Precip type/rate: No
Wind: Light out of the NW, small plumes observed on the western ridge of Pastoral

Snowpack Properties: surface snow was wind buffed powder, with approximately 5-8 in of loose snow,
sitting on top of a pencil hard wind slab. No wind loading observed on any aspect or location. No avy
activity observed. The name of the game today was sluff management. Watched a skier almost get
knocked over on the SF of Cornbiscuit, and watched another skier in very committing terrain (see pic)
almost get washed into a rock band. No surface instabilities noted, and we did not find any sensitive
windslab. Observed 4mm surface hoar developing in the flats, until just above tree line; not present on
ridge tops.

Forecast: Moderate, trend steady danger
Observed: Moderate, trend decreasing danger.

Snowpack is consolidating well, but sluff management will still be an issue with the current wx pattern.

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