Observation: Turnagain

Location: Cornbiscuit -> Magnum PMS Bowl

Route & General Observations
  1. Cornbiscuit lot to 2000′ on Cornbiscuit’s NW aspect, then down and up Magnum/PMS Bowl on a SW to W aspect to 3100.’
Red Flags
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Observer Comments

See pit results below. No collapsing or cracking, even to 2000' where a pre-existing skin track didn't exist. No recent avalanche activity observed.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Overcast, with the ceiling lowering and occasional light snow increasing to 1cm/hr by sundown. Temps in the 20s. NW winds light gusting moderate above treeline, with the direction likely caused by terrain channeling.

Snow surface

At 1300' - 40cm of fist hard snow (from last week & buried facets) over a stout 10cm melt freeze crust. This sat over 20cm of moist snow. Height of Snow = 70cm

At 1500' - 55cm of fist hard -> 4 finger hard snow (from last week & buried facets) over a stout melt freeze crust.

At 2000' - same surface conditions as 1500' observation.

Above 2000' - generally 30-50cm of soft snow over a crust or harder layer. Wind slabs up to 20cm thick were occasionally present on West and SW aspects; no cracking or collapsing. South aspects generally softer. Ski Penetration (PS) ~ 10-25cm from 2000' to 3100' in PMS bowl.

Overall, less recent snow, shallower ski penetration, and more recent wind affect than observed on Eddies yesterday at similar elevations.


Snowpit Results: Elevation=3100', 18 degree slope, SW aspect, HS=120.
Pit was dug to the ground in PMS Bowl, several hundred yards off the ridge.

Surface to 30cm: Fist hard -> 4 finger hard snow from last week
@30cm: 2-4mm buried surface hoar (see photo of layer below)
30-40cm: 4 finger+ rounding facets
Below that:
5cm softer layer (4-finger) hardness density change
70cm well bonded pencil/1finger layers
5cm of 4 finger basel facets on the ground.

Test Results:
CT21 Resistant Planar & ECTN21 Resistant Planar 30cm from the surface, with the buried surface hoar failing.

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