Observation: Turnagain

Location: Center Ridge

Route & General Observations

Alaska Avalanche School Day 2 of a Level one. 3 groups to : Backdoor Sunburst West Ridge, Backdoor Tincan and Center Ridge. Beautiful day watching folks get after it in the backcountry with high quality new snow overlaying buried surface hoar and near surface facets from prior to this storm. Only notable test results and unique findings were on Center Ridge.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Clear skies. 20 degrees in Parking lot, 12 degrees at 1990 ft at 1 pm
Calm winds

Snow surface

8" of light density new snow overlaying surface hoar/near surface facets from prior to storm.


Sunburst crew dug at 2300' W aspect and found 6" of light density snow over buried surface hoar/near surface facets with no notable results, HS: 250
Tincan crew dug at 1700' SW aspect and found 10" of new over same BSH/NSF, no notable results, HS: 385
Center Ridge crew dug 1990' SW aspect and found 8" of new over BSH, HS: 380 With an extra sneaky hidden small buried surface hoar down 40 cms that proved reactive in 5/6 pits with ECTP scores in 20's. I'm guessing this was from the tiny window of clear before 1/23 big storm a week ago. Most likely an outlier for it's location in protected zone, however it was worth noting. See snowpilot pit that I only dug down 150 cms.

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