Observation: Turnagain

Location: Bertha Creek

Route & General Observations


Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Snow transport.

Old debris and crowns still visible from the recent large natural ax cycle

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Synoptic pattern of NW winds as evident from snow flagging off high peaks. However, much of Turnagain was spared. Terrain funneled the wind. Light/moderate SE wind at mid-elevation on CB (ever so slightly transporting snow), calm at ridge top (12:30pm). Westerly moderate wind at 4500’ on GD peak, transporting snow (3:30pm).
Clear skies + sun!

Snow surface

Overall soft, but variable.
Powder in protected places.
Dust on supportable crust in other places
Relatively soft + breakable sun(/wind?) crust on CB.
Top of GDC was smooth + pillowed + (previously?) wind loaded, we snaked around to be safe.


A faceted layer 20-40cm down repeatedly failed in hand pit tests on west side of CB, various elevations. The force needed for failure was generally correlated with the buried depth, from easy to hard.
No Buried Surface Hoar identified.
We tried not to think about the sleeping dragon.

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