Observation: Hatcher Pass

Location: Baby Ruth

Route & General Observations

APU Snow Science class toured to baby ruth to investigate structure of snow pack. Toured to a Northeast aspect at 3700 feet. Slope angle was 30 degrees.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments


Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Calm, Cloudy, with temps around -4 celsius

Snow surface

Wind Crust


Our pits had poor to moderate strength, poor structure, and low propagation potential. CT4 pc @ 10cm on wind slab decomposing snow interface. Our primary layer of concern was facets above melt freeze crust 30cm above ground but was not reactive in ECT and PST tests. HS 95-145 in our three pits. 5 out 5 lemons were observed at facet and melt freeze interface towards bottom of snowpack.