Avalanche: Hatcher Pass

Location: Arkose Ridge, btwn Lone Tree and Delia Creek

Route & General Observations

Beautiful sunny tour skiing Souvenir and Arkose peak couloirs. Surface conditions were all time great!

Avalanche Details
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Trigger SkierRemote Trigger Unknown
Avalanche Type Soft SlabAspect West Southwest
Elevation 4000ftSlope Angle 36deg
Crown Depth 24inWidth 60ft
Vertical Run 900ft  
Near Miss / Accident Details
Avalanche Details

On the way back to the Goldmint lot from the base or Arkose Peak, we toured up for a bonus lap near point 4226 on a W aspect. As the third skier on the slope, I triggered a small bit deep D1 soft slab avalanche that failed in a area where the snow pack was thin and over lieing a steep smooth rock slab. I was able to ski off the slab without being caught. The other two skies were in a safe zone and got blasted by a powder cloud. The avalanche ran an impressive distance, but the slab was small and isolated to the thin section over lieing the steep rock. Crown depth 2 feet. We did not perform a crown evaluation but I assume the rock slab allowed for basal facets to form in a thin section of snowpack.

Rescue events

No rescue needed.

Photos & Video
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