Observation: Hatcher Pass

Location: April bowl

Route & General Observations

We went for a tour towards April bowl and the Lake Chutes. Investigated ski quality on a variety of aspects. Winds seem to be higher than reported, with evidence of wind effect on most northern aspects.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

No collapsing or cracking.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Temperatures remained cool throughout the day. Winds were light and from the southeast for most of the day. Skies were obscured most of the morning and became broken in the afternoon.

Snow surface

Northerly slopes all looked wind effected, but held surprisingly low density snow. Most turns had some wind effect, but didn't effect ski quality. Near ridge tops sastrugi could be found and wind effect was noticeable. At one point while skiing near the Lake chutes hollow drum like snow could be felt.


We dug pits two pits on a east and WNW aspect. Both pits seemed to have upside down at the surface from the most recent snowfall. Overall strength was moderate and propagation potential is low. Deep persistent slab problems were present in both pits

Hatch Peak 4600' East aspect 30 degree slope
HS 100
ECTN8 @ 20cm at a density change
No failure on persistent grains near the ground

Lake chutes 4035' WNW 35 degree
HS 280
ECTN25 @ 20cm on density change in old wind slab
Rime crust @80cm was un-reactive

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