Observation: Hatcher Pass

Location: 4068 North Aspect

Route & General Observations

Started from Fishhook parking lot at 11:30am with great weather and with a goal of ‘powder’ hunting and investigation of northern aspects after the spring like weather and recent winds.

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Forecaster Comments

The avalanches on government are several week old naturals.

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Observer Comments

Observed what seemed to be a small, possibly human triggered avalanche in a gully on Sunnyside across the valley. Unsure of how long ago it had happened. Photo attached

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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At 11:30am @ Fishhook Parking Lot
Wind: SE Calm-Light
Sky: Clear
Temp: 10°F
At 2:00pm @ 4068 summit ridge
Wind: ESE Calm-Light
Sky: Clear
Temp: 9°F

Snow surface

Sun effect still going strong, super warm in the sun yet thanks to cold air temps snow surfaces stay firm and dry. Wind effect was widespread on ridges, yet on north aspects found very little, variable wind effect. Most sun exposed surfaces were icy, firm, variable, and hard to ski. North aspects provided at best 20cm of light powder, though in specific areas there was a thin, not widespread, variable wind slab that posed no problem except a little spice on the downhill.


Dug a pit on a North aspect below 4068 on the Valley of Sin side of the ridge @ 3,060'
Pit profile and test results below
Snowpack height: 215cm
CTN x2

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