Observation: Summit


Route & General Observations

Toured up Tenderfoot today under mostly sunny skies with calm winds and temps
near freezing. First pit was at 2.5K a 30 degree, west-facing slope, where
the total snowpack depth was 280 cm. We found a weaker layer about 45 cm down
from the surface (CT 20 and 24 Q2 and ECTP 30). Here a 1F hard layer of wind
slab was sitting on top of a thin (1-2 cm thick) and soft (4F hard) layer of
low density and slightly faceted snow. We think this layer may have been old snow surface before the 2/26 storm.

We climbed higher to about 3k and dug another pit on a more SW-erly aspect
just below the ridge crest. We found a 1 cm thick sun crust below the top 10
cm of newest powder snow. We had a failure CT 9, Q3 just below this sun
crust. Also got a failure (CT 15 Q2), another 20 cm down, at a boundary where
a 4F layer sat on top of an older 1F hard wind slab.