Accident: Seward

Location: V Max

Sat, January 28th, 2017
Two snowmachiners caught and carried, one fully buried and uninjured, one fully buried and killed.
Accident Report

Two snowmachiners were caught and carried in a large avalanche triggered remotely from a lower bench. Rider 1 was fully buried with just his hand breaking the surface and dug out uninjured by an unaffiliated group in the area. Rider 2 was buried approximately 8 feet deep and recovered unresponsive after 20-25 minutes. Rider 2 was flown to an area hospital where he was pronounced deceased.

Avalanche Details:

Avalanche Code: HS-AMr-D3-R4-O
Trigger – Snowmachiner, remotely triggered from bench under slope
Aspect – NW
Angle – Estimated 40 degrees
Elevation – 3000′
Crown Depth – Estimated 2-8’, average 4’
Width – Estimated 2,500-3,000′
Vertical Runout – Estimated 1,000-1,500′
Weak Layer – Large facets / depth hoar
Debris depth – Estimated 8-12’