Accident: Other Regions

Location: Dude Mountain, Ketchikan

Sun, February 25th, 2018
Two snowboarders caught in avalanche. One escaped unharmed and one fully buried and killed.
Accident Report

Two snowboarders were caught in an avalanche on the NW aspect of Dude Mountain (5 ½ miles due north of Ketchikan, Alaska); Rider 1 was fully buried and Rider 2 was caught but able
to ride out of the slide. Rider 1 descended the slope and stopped approximately 400 vertical feet out of view of Rider 2 below a convex rollover. After at least one minute, Rider 2
descended behind Rider 1. While descending, Rider 2 saw the slide release around and above him. He was caught but remained upright and was able to ride out of the side. Rider 1 was buried 110-130cm deep and around a tree. It is unclear if the slide was triggered by Rider 1 while stepping out of his splitboard (found 400’ below burial site and still in ride mode) or by Ketchikan

Rider 2 while descending the slope. Rider 2 conducted a beacon search and was able to get a signal but after 1-1.5hrs of digging was unable to locate Rider 1. Search efforts were hampered by elevated avalanche hazard and weather. When the weather improved on March 1st, the body of Rider 1 was located and recovered by a rescue team (KVRS, JMR, SEADOGS) at ~3:45pm.