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It is the personal responsibility of each user of CNFAIC to decide whether or how to use any information found here.

Skiing, snowboarding, snowmachining, hiking, walking, and all other methods of travel or recreation on snow are dangerous and a potential hazard to personal safety. Each person who ventures onto snow is responsible for his or her own safety. Many snow travelers find that education, information, and experience can increase their safety when they are on snow. The public observations reported on this site may appear to offer information about the safety of traveling or recreating on snow, but it is critical to remember that such observations are not evaluated or edited for accuracy and represent the subjective experience of the author.

Individuals may have widely differing perceptions, for a given location, date, and time, of the safety of traveling or recreating on snow, of avalanche hazards, and of skiing or snowboarding conditions. The hazards and conditions reported in an observation can change rapidly. In addition, individuals can differ greatly in both their perception of objective hazards and their acceptance of the risk to personal safety of these hazards.

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PhotosDateLocationAvalanche?General Observations
1449406800December 6, 2015 1:00pmGirdwood/Portage, scottfennell - Penguin RidgeFaceted snow above a hard rain crust observed. Worst structure was below 2000' but weak snow at the crust/new snow interface was found all the way to the ridge
1447686000November 16, 2015 3:00pmGirdwood/Portage, scottfennell - North Face of Ragged TopI booted up a couloir on the north face of Ragged via Crow Creek trail head. I rode from about 4600'. The riding in the couloir was characterized by punchy wind crust, multiple narrow pinches, and roc …
1446296400October 31, 2015 1:00pmGirdwood/Portage, scottfennell - Crow PassOn Saturday, 10/31/2015 we did a loop tour from the Crow Pass trailhead up the trail, over the pass between Barnes and Jewel mountains, up the Milk Glacier, down the Raven Glacier, then up the now ret …
1443984720October 4, 2015 6:52pmGirdwood/Portage, scottfennell - Jewel MtYesStarted hiking up Crow Pass trail around noon, was able to put skins on when trail splits into the high route up. Numerous large slides that had already happened along trail. Got below Jewel Mt and sk …
1430665200May 3, 2015 3:00pmGirdwood/Portage, scottfennell - Crow Creek TrailYesCrow Creek Trail. Multiple slides across trail.
1430400480April 30, 2015 1:28pmGirdwood/Portage, scottfennell - Spencer WhistlestopYesTrail work out at Spencer Whistlestop prior to summer season.
1429380000April 18, 2015 6:00pmGirdwood/Portage, scottfennell - Road Obs Seward Hwy
1428631020April 10, 2015 1:57Girdwood/Portage, scottfennell - PortageYesRd Obs portage valley
1428051363April 3, 2015 8:56Girdwood/Portage, scottfennell - Test alyeska
1428043860April 3, 2015 6:51Girdwood/Portage, scottfennell - Orca RidgeHiked and skinned up Orca from the Seward hwy. Snow from treeline to lower part of ridge was soft with hard layer of crust on top in morning. Once I started climbing the ridge snow became soft and d …
1428026820April 3, 2015 2:07Girdwood/Portage, scottfennell - Rd Obs Portage ValleyYesAvalanches in Portage Valley. New avalanches/debris observed in Byron Valley, Bear Valley, Williwaw, Shakespeare Shoulder, Baird Peak.
1427968800April 2, 2015 10:00Girdwood/Portage, scottfennell - Williwaw Campground AreaYesObserved debris from an avalanche that happened at 9:15am this morning from Williwaw Campground. There was a loud boom from the mountain above then the avalanche could be heard running for several min …
1426999560March 22, 2015 4:46Girdwood/Portage, scottfennell - Penguin Ridge - West of GirdwoodYesView from Girdwood
1425783060March 8, 2015 2:51Girdwood/Portage, scottfennell - Raggedtop Mtn.Crow Creek Rd to 2500' on Raggedtop
1425737700March 7, 2015 2:15pmGirdwood/Portage, scottfennell - United StatesYes
1423402200February 8, 2015 1:30pmGirdwood/Portage, scottfennell - Magpie Peak, Southeast BowlOn a tour up the southeast bowl of Magpie Peak, the main skin track had been covered by debris from a natural avalanche near 3300' elevation. The crown, estimated to be about 5' at its tallest poin …
1422986400February 3, 2015 6:00pmGirdwood/Portage - Crow Creek RoadField Observations Feb.3, 2015 Route Crow Creek Road to 4700' Weather Temps: Low 20'sF Wind: Calm Sky: Sunny Precip: None Obvious Signs Of Instability Recent Avalanches- No Slabs, loose snow 'sluf …
1422662400January 31, 2015 12:00Girdwood/Portage - Girdwood AreaCNFAIC and ADOT&PF had a joint mission today to inspect the South facing start zones above the Seward Highway just South of Girdwood. Weather: Valley fog that gave way to brilliant sunny skies. W …
1421661600January 19, 2015 10:00Girdwood/Portage - Big LeagueBelow are several great photos sent in to us of the Big League area East of Alyeska Ski Resort. FORECASTER NOTE: We do not have details as to when these avalanches slid. Possibly toward the tail end …
1420567200January 6, 2015 6:00pmGirdwood/Portage - Upper Crow CreekField Observations Jan.6, 2015 Route Upper Crow Creek road to Raggedtop bowl Weather Temps: low 20's F Wind: calm Skis: clear Precip: none Obvious Signs Of Instability Recent Avalanches-NO Shootin …
1420466400January 5, 2015 2:00pmGirdwood/Portage - NW shoulder Goat MtnRoute: Various high points around the Girdwood valley over a series of days. Weather: Clear skies, light East winds, nil precip. No Valley fog, either. Observed signs of instability: Recent natur …
1420365600January 4, 2015 10:00Girdwood/Portage - United StatesNo evidence of recent natural avalanche activity nor examples of red flags. Buried surface hoar of 2mm was observed at 2200' on the cat road in Girdwood Valley, 30 cm from the surface. Hand shear pro …
1419811200December 29, 2014 12:00Girdwood/Portage - Seward Highway MP98 Bird FlatsD1.5 to D2 sized avalanche ran to catchment basin at the valley floor at Bird Flats near MP 98 of the Seward Highway during the night of 12/28 or early morning 12/29. It was first observed by spotl …
1419706800December 27, 2014 7:00pmGirdwood/Portage - GirdwoodRaggedtop Mtn Avalanche December 27, 2014 Skier triggered avalanche on Raggedtop Mountain, Eastern Bowl. No one was caught, no injuries. Estimated Dimensions: Aspect ≈ East Start zone elevation …
1419675300December 27, 2014 10:15Girdwood/Portage - Notch Mtn - GirdwoodWeather: Mostly clear with high clouds. Calm winds, temps in the mid 20's. Obvious Signs of Instability: Recent Avalanches - No Collapsing - No Cracking - No Snowpack Observations: Soft settled powd …
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