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REGION: Turnagain

Observer: Public Observer
Date:   Oct 27th, 2014
Location:   Center Ridge (with map)
Observation:   Skinned up Center Ridge to about 2 miles along the ridge. Rock hard snow at the trailhead, 6 inches of soft fresh snow at the weather station and about 8 of fresh out near our turn around spot. Any of the water in the trail in the trees was frozen solid, no icing of skins. Decent skiing, walked a bit down through the steepest terrain below the weather station on return. Lots of surface hoar thr >>>> see observation for complete description
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REGION: Girdwood

Observer: Matt Murphy
Date:   Oct 27th, 2014
Location:   Girdwood (with map)
Observation:   View of glide cracks on Max's SW Face from Bird Point RWIS
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REGION: Girdwood

Observer: Public Observer
Date:   Oct 26th, 2014
Location:   Jewel, Milk, Raven (with map)
Observation:   Skied Jewel, Milk, and Raven since Wednesday 10/22. ~6-16" new snow, depending on elevation, from earlier in the week. Low density with some rime in places. Wind Saturday and Sunday has redistributed snow and some unstable drifts have developed AEB shooting cracks, collapsing, and one small and thin natural wind slab in a heavily loaded area near the Crow Pass trail. Some significant surf >>>> see observation for complete description
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