Sponsors & Members

F-CNFAIC sponsorships and memberships run from September 1 to August 31 each year. If you would like to become a sponsor, please click here or email us at chugachavyfriends@gmail.com. We look forward to your support in helping us make backcountry recreation safer for all Alaskans.

Member contributors of $20 or more will become members automatically. If you use the avalanche forecast and this website, please contribute today. Click here to become a member.

Our Sponsors

Platinum Level - Donations of $5000 and more ( 3 sponsors)
Gold Level - Donations from $1000-$4999 ( 20 sponsors)
Silver Level - Donations from $500-$999 ( 8 sponsors)
Bronze Level - Donations from $250-$499 ( 4 sponsors)

Our Members

Crown Face - Donations more than $1000 ( 1 members)
Parker The Dog
Bed Surface - Donations from $500-$999 ( 3 members)
David & Elizabeth Finocchio Leisha Nolen George & Lori Woodward
Stauchwall - Donations from $250-$499 ( 15 members)
Eva Gardner And Dan Beutel Annie Feidt & Dave Bass Jesse Carlstrom Jon Cobb
Tyndall Ellis Andy Elsberg & Shannon Brockman Galen Flint Phil Hess
AnonymousTrip Kinney In Memory Of Jeff Nissman Dave Pettry
Brook & Carrie Predeger Michael Smith Chris Yelverton
Track - Donations from $100-$249 ( 30 members)
Tom Callahan & Abra Atwood Mike Ausman Clayton Beethe Tina Boucher
Thomas Brewer Murphy Brothers Aaron Butterer Alexa and Josh Dvorawicz
Oliver Evans Allen Garrett Eric & Penelope Geisler Raina Hammel & Richard Segal
Sarah Heck Doug and Jen Huvar Davis - Johnson Family Jim & Sue Kennedy
Anthony Larson WILLIAM PEARSON Meg Perdue Dante Petri
Wade & Andrea Phillips - Frangiosa Chad Ross C Ryan Rupert Jane Sauer
Quinlan Steiner Charles Treinen Dave & Debbie Wagner Anonymous
Rob Whitney & Holly Brooks Wunnicke-carroll Family
Debris Pile - Donations from $50-$99 ( 13 members)
Sarah Aho Mick Bradway Bob & Liz Butera jessie donahue
Trever Ferrin Tuck Hayes Krista Kandrick Mary Krusen
Michael Lichter Ann & Philip Ostroski Chrissy and Ray Pohl Blaine Smith
Jo Young
Tailgate - Donations from $20-$49 ( 15 members)
Susan Casey Kathy & Tom Downing Nick D\'Alessio Rachel Heath
Amber Johnson Brendan Labelle-hamer jamison milliken Michael R. Smith Nina Kemppel
Eric Opland & Kathy Still Jen Pahl Stephanie Rice Beth Rosenberg
Chris Russell Carolyn Seramur Kathy Still