Nov 20th, 2016    Public Observer
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Nov 21st, 2016    Heather Thamm
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Nov 20th, 2016    Johnston-Bloom / Moderow
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Nov 22nd, 2016   
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Nov 3rd, 2017   
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Don't miss Mark and Janelle Smiley at the Beartooth on Thursday, Nov 16th for the Annual CNFAIC fundraiser!! This husband-wife duo has spent the last seven years climbing the “50 Classic Climbs of North America”. Their presentation will feature incredible footage and stories from four of their journeys – a ski mountaineering expedition to Mount Saint Elias which took them from sea to summit to sea; climbing Denali’s Cassin Ridge; climbing Middle Triple Peak in the Kichatna Range; and climbing Moose’s Tooth. They will talk about overcoming fear, trial and error, second and third attempts, courage, stubbornness, commitment and finding bliss. Tickets are $25 and will be available starting Oct. 24 at the Bear Tooth website and box office.
Turnagain Advisory
Wednesday, November 22nd 2017
ARCHIVED ADVISORY - Advisories expire after 24 hours.
Happy Thanksgiving from the CNFAIC crew! Due to the continued lack of significant snow on the ground and no large storms headed our way, we will be posting our next update on Saturday, November 25th. If you do venture out into the backcountry, the snowpack in the advisory area is still very thin. The couple of inches of snow that fell on Sunday will get blown around today by the NW winds that are forecasted to be 15-30 mph with gusts into the 40s. This may form shallow winds slabs on leeward slopes. These and pockets of old wind slab have the potential to release especially in steep unsupported terrain.  Even a small avalanche could be very dangerous if it drags you through the rocks. Crow Pass is an area to be on the lookout for these wind slabs. Pay attention to cracking snow and hollow …
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Summit Weekly Summary
Tuesday, November 7th 2017
ARCHIVED ADVISORY - Advisories expire after 24 hours.
Summit Lake weekly summaries will begin December 2nd. For the most up to date snow and avalanche information, please check the Turnagain Pass advisory page and the observation page. Information can also be found on our Facebook and Instagram pages (Facebook link in the upper right corner and Instagram: @chugachavy). …
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