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Join CNFAIC forecasters for an evening of avalanche awareness with a focus on recognizing obvious clues and companion rescue. Is your avalanche rescue gear up to snuff? Are your beacon batteries fresh and is your beacon functioning properly? What about airbags? Please join us in Girdwood at the Powder Hound Ski Shop, Dec 15th from 6:30-8pm, 210 Arlberg Ave
Turnagain Advisory
Saturday, December 10th 2016
A generally LOW avalanche danger exists across all elevations bands for the Turnagain Pass zone. Triggering a 1-2' avalanche is unlikely but not impossible. The most suspect slopes are in steep terrain at the high elevations where someone just might be able to break off an old wind slab or find a slope with the buried surface hoar that hasn't slid. Good travel habits, such as exposing one person at a time, watching your partners and grouping up in safe zones are, as always, key ways to minimize risk. Ease onto steep slopes and be mindful of people below you and on adjacent slopes. There is snow to sea level and amounts have been adding up enough to put a LOW danger rating on the Below Treeline Elevation band. Portage Valley received 6-8" of snow yesterday. This should be part of the equ …
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Summit Weekly Summary
Saturday, December 10th 2016
Summit Lake zone in the Kenai Mountains has a shallow snowpack that has been faceting-out over the last few weeks due to cold temperatures, clear skies and very little snowfall this season. In the lower elevations (below 2000’) there is only 4-6” of snow where a crust sitting on the ground has completely faceted out and is transitioning into depth hoar. In the upper elevations several crust/facet layers can be found near the ground sitting under 1-3’ of total snow. Snow surfaces are variab …
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