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Nov 21st, 2016    Heather Thamm
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Nov 20th, 2016    Johnston-Bloom / Moderow
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Nov 13th, 2017   
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Avalanche danger has increased during the last couple weeks of April due to stormy weather. Natural avalanches occurring at the high elevations are running to valley bottoms. Portage Valley has seen the majority of this activity which looks to continue into May. Keep in mind that although hiking trails may be melting out, snow covered slopes above could still be threatening them!
Turnagain Advisory
Thursday, April 26th 2018
The avalanche danger is MODERATE, but may increase to CONSIDERABLE if the sun appears this afternoon. Triggering a wet avalanche is possible today on steep slopes below 2500’. If the sun comes out natural wet avalanches are possible in the afternoon in the alpine. It is also possible to trigger a storm slab 1-3’ deep in the alpine where drier snow exists. Cornice fall could trigger a storm slab or wet loose avalanche below. **In Portage Valley where precipitation totals were much greater this week, be aware of popular hiking areas with avalanche terrain above like Byron Glacier trail. Some hikers last Saturday had a close call when an avalanche released naturally from above.  Friday outlook: Similar weather is forecasted for tomorrow. Springtime conditions require constant evaluation …
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Summit Weekly Summary
Friday, April 13th 2018
ARCHIVED ADVISORY - Advisories expire after 24 hours.
We are no longer issuing weekly Summit Lake snowpack summaries for 2017/18; however, this does not mean that the avalanche season has ended - see below for some SPRINGTIME TIPS to review. Keep tabs on the Turnagain Pass advisory page as well as the Summit Lake area observations. We will be posting daily Turnagain advisories until April 15th and then switching to 4 days a week until our final advisory on April 28th. We will continue to post observations as long as you keep sending them in! L …
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